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The Salesforce Radian6 User List is a compilation of all the users of Radian6. These include vendors as well as service providers from nearly every industry. Moreover, the Salesforce Radian6 Users Email Database offers segmentations according to the product used. All of these exciting features make this list a must-have for marketers. The users of Radian6 are often the vendors of products who need feedback on their products. Marketers who advertise similar products as those monitored on Radian6 can know the preferences for such products.


Collaborate with us to experience the following benefits

  • Know the user preferences for a wide variety of products as well as services
  • On the basis of user opinions, marketers can gauge the marketability in addition to feasibility of similar products
  • Knowing the users of Radian6 allows marketers to determine the CRM efforts of many companies
  • Our mailing list comes after a thorough research into firmographics, socio-economics together with demographics.
  • We append and verify our email list to ensure accuracy in addition to latest information

Conduct marketing campaigns spread over the following structure

  • Follow up on the advertising leads from the mailing list
  • Carry out a multichannel advertising drive involving email, direct mail coupled with telephone and on-site campaigning
  • Build a firm customer base in addition to solidifying existing ones

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